Common Car Sticker Sheet.

This sheet includes the stickers for over 25 of the more common AFX cars as follows.
the Datsun 240Z,
the Nissan 280Z,
the Ferrari 312PB,
the Ferrari 312T4,
the Capri Rallye,
the Ford Escort Rallye,
the Camaro,
the T-Bird Stocker,
the purple chrome Mercury Stocker,
the Ford Escort Rallye,
the chrome Ford Escort,
the BMW 320i,
the Ferrari F1,
the Matador Taxi,
the Indy Special,
the L&M Lola T260,
the Ultra 5 T260,
the Ghost Racer Corvette,
two versions of the #3 Shadow
the Andretti Lotus F1,
(these don't look quite as good as the originals because even at 1200 dpi,
it's hard to get a good seperation on the yellow and the black ink),
and the Marlboro Mclaren in both the red and the flourescent pink versions,
(the flourescent color is a little weak on the flourescent pink Mclaren but I got it as close as I could).

Also included will be the chrome stickers as follows.
The Silver Chrome Corvette Windscreen,
the Silver Chrome AFX Racing Windscreen,
the Silver Chrome BMW Windscreen & Wing,
the Silver Chrome Firebird Windscreen,
the Silver Chrome Pontiac Windscreen,
the Gold Chrome Firebird Windscreen,
the Gold Chrome Pontiac Windscreen,
and the uop Shadow Wing.


Please send comments or suggestions to,
Wayne Lawton

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