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I have been collecting AFX, Aurora, TOMY
and aj's H.O. Scale Slot Cars off and on
since my childhood in the late '60's.
Oddly enough, since I first raced on
my Uncle's T-Jet track that he had set up in
his attic in Ferndale, California of all places.

Some of the AFX cars I have acquired
over recent years have been perfect
except for the stickers which were
either missing or faded and damaged.
I decided to try and reproduce some of these
stickers for my own cars and they came out great.
When other collectors saw them, they wanted some
so they could restore cars in their own collections.

I started offering them up quite reasonably
on eBay and I received some great
response and feedback there.
I keep adding new stickers to my repertoire
whenever I manage to come across them.
I have either found or been sent
most of the AFX stickers at this time.
If you know of any other AFX stickers
or variations of AFX stickers
that you don't see here on my web-site,
please let me know what they are and
I'll see about reproducing them as well.

If you are interested in these stickers,
you can get them either here on eBay,
Seller waynesafxstickers,
where I sell them in entire sheets
or write to me directly at
if you are interested in certain individual cars.

I sell the sheets with
multiple stickers on them for $7 - $20 each
and most of the sticker sets for
individual cars range from $1 - $5 each,
depending upon how elaborate the
set of stickers are for the particular car.
Shipping and handling is either
$3 for first class USPS
or $6 for Priority USPS within the US.
International Airmail shipping & handling is $4 US.

I have also added some reproduction stickers
for the aj's Race Saver Trucks and
reproduction stickers for the few
Aurora slot cars that came with them.
Check them out by clicking on the
Aurora link shown to your left.

Click Here For Some Links
To Other AFX, Aurora,
TOMY & aj's slot car related sites.

I am also open for trades for cars
and/or parts for various restoration projects.
If you go here,
Wayne's Slot Wants,
you can see the cars I am currently looking for
or listed below are the parts that
I need for various restoration projects.

AFX parts needed for restoration projects.
Rear Wing for a Saudia Williams Car.

aj's parts needed for restoration projects.
Driver for the Racer's Wedge Truck.
Driver platform for the Racer's Wedge Truck.
Arm for the Crash Truck driver.
Hose for the Crash Truck.
Chrome hose holder for the Crash Truck.
Chrome nozzles for the Crash Truck.
Bed cover for the white Spirit of '76 Oscar the Track Cleaner.
Driver for the white Spirit of '76 Oscar the Track Cleaner.

Tyco parts needed for restoration projects.
Glass for a VW Bus.

I'd also like to say thank you to the
fellow collectors out there that have
helped me out with this project,
(you know who you are).

A special thanks goes out to Tracy Phillips
who has been most generous with
a lot of the real hard to find AFX items and
has come up with some great ideas and suggestions.


The stickers work best on flat clean surfaces.
On cars that have rounded surfaces,
I find it best to pre-form the stickers
by bending them around a round surface
such as a pen before you apply them.

Please send comments or suggestions to,
Wayne Lawton